Playing and Writing

Here are some of the aids we designed to teach Diplomacy to students since we were dissatisfied with the tools available online. Particularly valuable was our creation of a electronic Diplomacy board with movable pieces so we could project the game board on screen in the classroom and have students see it easily.

Graph-Types of Unit Orders

Glossary of Terms

Orders Sheet–Standard

Orders Sheet–Simplified

Course Introduction: Diplomacy and Writing

Diplomacy Demonstration Board

Germany Takes Over the World – Day 1

Of course the game has its own “grammar” and rules as well, so we fashioned numerous exams and quizzes to test students’ knowledge of Diplomacy, sample of which are below. Such tests also allowed us to present an intriguing game problem without needing to actually play a full game.

Diplomacy Exam

Diplomacy Quiz #1

But the most time-consuming projects we undertook was the creation of seven different 5-minute Powerpoint videos that would immerse a student in the history of a WWI country and give them their particular game mission at the same time. Each video also played with a musical selection that was a song from that country and from the general time period of the war. (For example, Great Britain’s orders played to Holst’s quite dramatic “Mars the Bringer of War.”) If you click on nothing else from this page, look at one of the “Diplomacy Orders” below! In addition, we suspected the students wouldn’t like the plain wooden pieces some games came with, so we spent about 35 hours meticulously researching the seven game countries and finding historically accurate images for them, then resizing them in an image program, then printing them on sticker paper and pasting them to 150 game pieces… Crazy, you say? You’re probably right.

Diplomacy Orders for Austria-Hungary Players

Diplomacy Orders for Great Britain Players

Unit Sticker Images for Wood Blocks

The “Minor Powers” Practice Exercise: Telegrams With Encoded Orders


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